Building the Future Together: One United Properties

At the core of our company lie three fundamental principles: growth, continuous learning, and innovation. We embrace progressively intricate projects with each stride forward, presenting opportunities to delve into new, innovative technologies and add substantial value to sustainable building practices. In the field of construction, trust becomes the cornerstone of success. Beyond our expertise and capabilities, our identity lies in the profound commitment to nurturing lasting partnerships.
We're proud to have partnered with One United Properties, a leading force in green investments and residential developments in Bucharest, Romania. Our partnership began in 2022 during the construction of the three office buildings of One Cotroceni Park. From infrastructure to superstructure masonry works, thermal insulation systems to gypsum board partitions, and meticulous finishings, our involvement was as diverse as the challenges we encountered.
Developing Bucharest's most significant urban regeneration endeavor was impressive teamwork, and we feel honored to collaborate with other professionals in this ambitious endeavor. Efficient coordination was critical because of the demanding timeline. The complexity of the ground floor lobby's design, with its intricate ceiling structure, was a notable challenge we navigated with precision. Beyond partitioning tasks, our responsibilities included the installation of claddings, and ceramic fixtures, and the meticulous execution of ceiling components.

Trust is earned through proactive engagement, especially in the face of on-site challenges. We have reached a new milestone in our partnership with the initiation of the One Cotroceni Park Residential project. This ambitious 8-building development comprises over 850 modern residential units. We are privileged to oversee the coordination of six out of the eight buildings, managing crucial tasks from infrastructure and superstructure masonry works to thermal insulation systems, gypsum board partitions, finishings, and paintings.
The One Cotroceni Park Residential project is a noteworthy example of our team's commitment to sustainability through effective waste management. With each project, we're making strides toward a more sustainable environment. With an outstanding average recycling rate of over 98%, we demonstrated not just efficiency but environmental responsibility, contributing to One United Properties achieving the LEED Platinum certification for their office building.

An Evolving Partnership Journey

Our collaboration continues with a new project - One High District. This exciting venture is already underway and promises a community-based real estate concept that transcends traditional living spaces. One High District features 786 apartments across three towers, 28 commercial spaces, and 1,134 parking spaces, forming a premium private complex.

Situated on Fabrica de Glucoza Street, nr 14, on a 25,000 sqm plot, with over 30% dedicated to green areas, the development offers future residents a modern, sustainable urban lifestyle with contemporary design apartments.

One High District is set to benefit from advanced and environmentally friendly energy sources, particularly geothermal heat pumps. These geo-exchange solutions operate without emitting carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases that contribute to air pollution. In addition, they offer cost-effective and cleaner heating and cooling solutions, providing long-term consumption autonomy.
We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with One United Properties and contribute to transformative projects that redefine the landscape of sustainable and modern living. Together, we are building not just structures, but a future that reflects our shared commitment to innovation, growth, and sustainability.